HMH - Carrie Koch

Hi! My name is Carrie and I hand craft items that will help make your house a home. Thanks to my mother and father I have a deep love of all things nostalgic, so the occasional special vintage item makes its way through my hobby world as well.

I love creating with clean lines, simple shapes, and WORDS. Bringing beauty to your everyday life is important to me and I am passionate about using my creative gifts to help others surround themselves with inspiring images and reminders of what is true and good. Check out the pages above for ideas from past projects.


I have made cards of many kinds over the years, but they have all been hand made. Whether watercolor, cutting with an x-acto, or lettering with ink, I enjoy creating OOAK designs that help you express your heart to loved ones.


I stumbled upon my ability to create wire art (Shelfies, ornaments, gift tags, etc.) while trying to come up with some new holiday decor for my own house. Since then I have sold dozens of beautiful wire ornaments and wall pieces in copper, galvanized, gold, and silver colored wire.


Lately I have been exploring different forms of expression through leather - key fobs, stamped bookmarks, clutches, and more. Keep and eye out to see what comes next!


My father was a man who loved everything old, so naturally I do too! I use vintage paper ephemera to make garlands, cards, and framed pieces to salvage their beauty from being discarded. We both love finding unique pieces that really represent a moment in history (maps being our favorite).

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